Monday, February 17, 2014

Lath Table and Upgraded Kitchen Nook

A few years ago, Willi and I purchased a hacked together kitchen island that had a coat of white primer on it and a partially fitted Corian top. It was very function and sturdy but hardly easy on the eyes. Eventually it was going to have to go or be upgraded.

Since we moved to Oakland, I've lusted after Ariel Alasko's tables but they are sadly not in our budget. After a while of lusting and studying her tables, I set out to make our own lath top to upgrade the old kitchen island. We went at to the Heritage Salvage in Pataluma (one of my favorite places to go for any wood project!) and got a bunch of old lath, looking for any pieces with interesting milling, paint, and weathering. Measuring the top of the kitchen island, I bought a piece of plywood on which to affix the lath pattern.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Invites: Stuffed, Sealed, Stamped, and Ready for Sending!

Willi and I are getting married in just under 3 months, which sounds like crazy talk when you've been planning a wedding for over a year. We are officially in the "home stretch" as Willi's mom says. Weekends are mostly occupied by wedding DIY projects now, and likely a few posts here will have to do with wedding crafting. This weekend's undertaking was the wedding invites.

And man, I can't tell you how great it feels to have the invitations not only printed (we started talking to Abby of Consider the Lilies in August--that's right, AUGUST) but addressed, stuffed, stamped, and sealed. After 54 back and forth emails with Abby, our invites were finally sent for printing in December and in hand when we returned from holidays (and ACL surgery recovery--silly ACL, why did you think this was a good time to tear?) in January. Yesterday, my close friend Katie and I sat down to address, stuff, stamp, and seal these babies. And who's penmanship is responsible for that beautifully addressed envelopes? That would be Katie. My handwriting peaked in 3rd grade.