Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Romanesco, Meyer Lemon, Pine Nut, and Green Garlic pasta

Spring in California is short and not as defined as spring on the East Coast. No long, snowy winter being broken by crocus blossoms but a slow and subtle transition into warmer weather and longer days. Blink, and it's gone. But spring does happen in California; for few weeks, fruiting trees will bloom white and pink flowers, daffodils will come up, and green garlic can be seen at your local farmer's market.

To me, nothing quite says spring in California like the delicate, slightly sweet flavor of green garlic.

I love this recipe because it combines winter produce (romanesco and Meyer lemon) with spring's green garlic--It's like the two seasons are saying hello!--The nutty flavor the the pine nuts and slightly charred romanesco perfectly compliment the sweetness of the meyer lemon and green garlic.