Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Garden Transformation: Part 3

So far, we've written about our front yard upgrades and edible back garden. We also have planted a number of flowers both from seed and starters and we now have a bountiful flower garden. Every week, we have fresh cut flowers from our garden--not to mention a host of happy pollinators hopping into flowers. 

Just as a reminder, this is where we started: 
Looking towards our house.
It's sadly a cloudy day, but I'm going to retake this photo on a sunnier one.

I'm cheating a little here as this was taken far earlier this season when the tulips were out.

This as well...

One day in our garden I noticed an interesting "weed" popping up; the leaves looked familiar so I decided to let the plant grow--low and behold, it was a kala lily! Look at how big that blossom is! I'm so glad I let is grow. 

Shade loving hydrangeas. 

Fairy tail fox glove.


More fox glove.


Passion fruit flower vine.

White zinnia. 

Peach zinnia.


Last year's snap dragon that stayed healthy throughout the winter.

And the beginnings of a sunflower.

And remember that old apple tree? (See below photo).
Looking towards our neighbors house.
Well it was about to fall on our neighbors house,  so our landlord had the very sick tree removed. What was left was the perfect spot for a sink planter, which we filled with Alaska variety nasturtiums. Can't wait till they blossom!
This variety of nasturtium blooms in a variety of colors, including red, peach, and yellow. 

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